Cuesmes – Haiming


The final leg of the Wallonia Cup took place on and around the ‘terril de l’Heribus’ (old mining spoil tip) nearby Mons (BE). We had only four riders to start, as the other team members had already left for Austria on Friday, for the second leg of the UCI Junior Series.

Newcomer Jitse Van Thillo recorded a strong performance and finished on a clever 13th place, followed by Ewout Verhulst who finished 15th.  Vincent Van de Perre was our man in the junior series. He rode a very strong last lap and so could come back a few places and go home satisfied.

Alexander Loquet was present for the U23. The race was a heavy challenge as rain fell down from start to finish.  Several climbs could only be taken on foot due to the mud.  After about 5 laps, the race was over and Alexander went home with a top 15 place.

UCI Junior Series – Haiming (Austria)

For the first time, our three first year juniors, Emile Verhulst, Tom Van Ingelgom and Thor Geluykens, had to compete with all the European top racers in an international competition. As there were 115 competitors, it was not easy to go into the lead. Our riders ended halfway. Tom finished 56th, Emile 69th and Thor 74th. In the U23 race, our youngsters Nick and Niels Vanpol finished on the 39th and 52nd place.

Next week, Nick and Niels Vanpol start the UCI races in Houffalize (Belgium) and Heubach (Germany). Our three juniors don’t compete in Houffalize as they immediately travel to Heubach for the next race of the UCI Junior Series.

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